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Fiido D11 250w Folding Electric Bike

Fiido D11 250w Folding Electric Bike



Superior Motor

Equipped with a 250W of strong motor that provides a maximum speed to 25km/h for optimum performance.

Three Distinctive Modes

Pure Electric Mode | Cyclic Mode | Power Assist Mode

Power Efficient Battery

11.6AH lithium battery allows a range of up to 30-60km in the pure electric mode and up to 100km in the power assist mode.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebar

Fully adjustable seat and handlebar allows users to adjust it to their preference. Thus, riders with different physique can adjust the seat and the handlebar to their liking.

Aluminum Alloy Chassis

Built with premium grade aluminum alloy materials for enhanced durability.

Dual Disc Brakes

High quality dual disc brakes in the front and rear tires makes it extremely safe for riding.

Foldable Design

Foldable design makes it extremely portable, ideal for travelling for urban commuting, shorter travels, daily errands and for so much more. The design also allows it to be extremely portable.

Bright Headlights and Taillights

FIIDO D11 comprises of some of the best-in-class Head and Tail lights making it one of the most comfortable rides while riding during the nights.

Pass RoHS and CE verification, it is a safe product


Stylish and Powerful

It's electric, but comes with concealed battery and motor



Change 600 million people travel way


Simplified Bike Design


100km Mileage in Moped Mode


Removable Seatpost Battery


Folded to Fit into Your Trunk

Simple Body, Not Simple Performance

D11 reconstructs the shape of a traditional bicycle, using lightweight Aircraft grade Aluminium alloy to make the body weigh only 12.9kg. It provides 100km riding range in moped mode, while still being ultra-light weight, allows riders a next-level riding experience with an unprecedented body frame.



Removable Seatpost Battery with Large Capacity

The FIIDO D11's modular design has a 36V 11.6Ah removable battery which allows for longer distance to be traveled.



Integration of Taillight and Seatpost

We've thought of everything. The integrated seatpost contains both the battery and taillight to minimize the parts and maximize the efficiencies.



Higher Power & Smaller Size Motor

Hidden in the 20-inch rear wheel is the 250W brushless gear motor, which boasts compact size and light weight to provide greater torque for climbing slopes with lower energy consumption. The aesthetics of the electric bicycle is unique. It perfects the balance between the form and the functions.



Shimano 7-speed

Shimano 7-speed gear with 3 adjustable levels in moped mode endows Fiido D11 with sports attributes, assisting every rider in finding their personalized riding style.

Truly,it's hardly for you to see the motor



Fit Your Body

FIIDO D11's ergonomic design conforms to your body, so prepare for a comfortable ride.



Check the Details of D11


Take a Closer Look at What Makes Fiido D11 the Ultimate City E-bike

Display: ·Clear LCD display;

·Power, speed, mileage, riding mode control

Handlebar: ·Ergonomic design;

·Well controlled;

·Aluminum alloy material

Saddle: ·Comfortable leather seat;

·Fit your body;

·Adjustable height

Taillight: ·Built-in;

·Bright illumination;

·Smart design

Tire: ·CTS;


·Great grip;

·Professional e-bike tire

Gear Ratio: ·52:12;



Disc Brake: ·Double brakes;

·Safe braking

Remaining the shape of the conventional Bike, but adding two additional electric modes.


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