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Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro 600w 9 Inch Electric Scooter

Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro 600w 9 Inch Electric Scooter



1. Detachable seat: It has a complete set of adjustable seat bags, large leather cushions, soft and comfortable, thickened and widened cushions. If you are tired from off-road play, you can try to install the cushions. A nice experience.

2. Front and rear double spring shock absorber system: The finely tuned spring shock absorber can effectively buffer the bumps brought by the complex terrain, you can drive it to ride on the rough road and maximize your travel fun.

3. Powerful motor: G2 Pro has a 600W brushless powerful motor, enjoys extremely fast soaring, 3-speed speed mode, the maximum speed can reach 45kph, making the riding more arbitrary. Adjustment setting range: first gear (15km/h) second gear (30km/h) third gear (45km/h)

4. Braking system: front and rear double disc brakes, you can stop if you want, you can walk if you want, go wild! Front and rear 120mm wire-controlled disc brakes, ventilated cooling discs, no fear of high speed, giving you the confidence to stop when you want.

5. All-terrain tires: 9-inch pneumatic off-road tires, with a large coverage area, will not fall into mud in rainy days, good shock absorption, good grip, no fear of complex road conditions, giving you the confidence to go when you want.

6. High-quality battery: 18650 high-capacity lithium-ion battery, high-quality power-type lithium-ion battery, continuous high-rate current output capability, providing 55km long mileage, charging for 8 hours at night, riding for a day during the day, and playing if you want. enough.

7. Quick folding: The design of the folding place is simple and easy to operate. It only needs to be lifted, pulled, pressed, and folded quickly, which is convenient for you to carry it in other vehicles. At the same time, the KuKirin G2 Pro has an independent folding function. Locks to keep you safer while riding.

8. LED high-definition display screen: With a digital display screen, you can see the status of the car in real-time at a glance, with all the driving data, from gentle to strong recoil, and you can switch the driving mode at any time by pressing the button. Whether you want laid-back comfort or the ultimate wild, it can give you the fun you want.

9. LED lighting system: 6 lights system in the whole car, to illuminate you and protect your safety, 1 headlight + 2 auxiliary road lights + 3 warning tail lights, which can not only illuminate the road ahead for you but also protect you Left and right and rear security.

10. Telescopic T-bar: It is equipped with an adjustable pole, and three gears are set to make the user range wider. This is also to give users a new sense of riding experience. Like adjusting the height.



Packaging InformationPackage dimensions123*23*59.5cm

Gross weight32.4

Product Basic ParametersweightProduct Weight26.7

weight capacity120kg

sizeExpand body size1187*620*1315

Folding body size1187*620*560

handle width59.5

Pedals to handle size94/101/107

Chassis height14

size of pedalLength: 54.1cm Width: 18.2cm

Pedalable size45cm width15CM

speed KM/H1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear (idle)1st gear 15KM/H, 2nd gear 30KM/H, 3rd gear 50KM/H

1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear (65KG load)1st gear 15KM/H, 2nd gear 30KM/H, 3rd gear 45KM/H

battery lifesingle battery life55KM


Brake system (disc brake, electronic brake, others)Front and rear disc brakes

Braking distance (M)5-8 meters

waterproof levelIP54

materialFrame materialAluminum alloy + steel

handlebar materialAluminum alloy + steel + plastic

Rear materialAluminum alloy+steel+plastic+nylon

Seat bag materialimitation leather



acceleration mode (sine wave/square wave/)sine wave

motor form (integrated, split, other in-wheel motors)Split

power datarated power600W

Instantaneous maximum power1000W

maximum speed1256rpm

Maximum output torque23N.M


model 18650 lithium battery

capacitySingle cell capacity2500mAh

battery pack capacity15AH


charging time7-8 hours

battery protection systemCharging power failure protection

LED Headlightsnumber of lamp beads4

power (Watts)7-8W

irradiation angle45 degree

irradiation area80

Charger Parametersinput voltage100-240V

input Current50/60Hz 3.0A

the output voltage54.6V

output current2.0A

Inner TubebrandKuKirin


typePneumatic tire

materialButyl rubber


size9 inches*3.0

typePneumatic tire

best tire pressure2.2 kpa


Seat CushionMinimum (height above ground)71cm

Highest (height above ground)84cm

Disc BrakebrandKuKirin

outer diameter120mm

Thread inner diameterM5*8

Displaytype (LED/LCD/OLED)LCD

sizeLength: 11.8cm Width: 7.3cm

show contentSpeed, mileage, gear, power, battery, turn sign, headlight on sign

function settingsShort press the power button three times in a row to enter the menu setting interface, the meter will display P1, P2, P3, P4, P6, P7, P8, Pa, Pb, Pc; respectively: P1 is the km/mile selection setting; P2 is the voltage level setting; P3 is the wheel diameter setting; P4 is the magnetic pole pair number setting; P5 is the cruise and no cruise selection setting; P6 is the non-zero start and zero start selection setting; P7 is the speed limit setting; P8 is the automatic sleep time setting; PA is the setting of starting strength; PB is the setting of braking strength; PC is the setting of clearing the total mileage to 0.

APPversatility (marking and which one is common)none

Function Descriptioncruise control functionP5 is (001) with cruise and (000) without cruise selection settings

KM/H set to MPH/MILEP1 select setting for (000)km/(001)mile

other functions/


What's in the box?

1 x Electric Scooter

1 x Tool kit

1 x Manual

1 x Seat

1 x Charger

1 x Seat Screw

1 x Handle Clamp Screw

Warranty & Returns

A.KUKIRIN Product & Parts Warranty Scope and Time


Product TypeAccessoriesWarranty TimeGuarantee Description

Fuselage structureFrame12 MonthsNatural cracking, de-soldering and breakage can be replaced free of charge, and for any accidental damage, an additional fee will be required

Folded components12 MonthsReplaceable if its non-functional

Handlebar12 MonthsReplaceable if its non-functional

Folding stem12 MonthsIt is not covered under accidental damage

Disc brakes12 MonthsIt is not covered under accidental damage

Front Fork12 MonthsNatural cracking, de-soldering and breakage can be replaced for free

Front Fork12 MonthsNatural cracking, de-soldering and breakage can be replaced for free

Accelerator12 MonthsReplaceable if its non-functional

Brake Device12 MonthsReplaceable if its non-functional

Electronic AccessoriesBattery6 MonthsBattery can be replaced while there are more than 50% attenuation. (It is not applicable for any accidental or water damage)

Controller12 MonthsReplaced only in Dysfunction condition (It is not applicable for any accidental or water damage)

Displaying Meter12 MonthsReplaced only in Dysfunction condition (It is not applicable for any accidental or water damage)

Motor12 MonthsReplaced only in Dysfunction condition (It is not applicable for any accidental or water damage)

Charger6 MonthsR

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