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Kugoo Kirin M5 Pro 1000w Electric Scooter

Kugoo Kirin M5 Pro 1000w Electric Scooter



1000W Powerful Motor

Powered by a 1000W motor, KuKirin M5 Pro can reach a maximum power of 1200W and a maximum speed of 52km/h, enabling you to have a powerful and exciting cross-country ride.

70km Long Range

KuKirin M5 Pro is equipped with a 960Wh battery pack, enabling a maximum distance of 70km on a full charge that is longer than a majority of off-road scooters and long enough for day trips.

Premium Braking & Suspension

M5 Pro comprises front and rear disc brakes for safe braking. It features full suspension with four shock absorbing arms to effectively reduce the shock impact, providing you with a comfortable ride.

LCD Display for Easy Control

With an smart LCD dashboard, you can check multiple information, including speed, battery level, distance, speed lever, etc. You can also shift among 3 speed levels easily.

Innovative Lighting System

M5 Pro comes with 7 lights, including 2 headlights, 2 front side lights, 2 rear side lights and a rear brake light. The innovative lighting system makes your ride safer.

Big Tires & Wide Footboard

With an 11-inch front tire and a 10-inch rear tire, M5 Pro adapts to more types of terrain and runs more smoothly. The 255mm footboard is wide enough to let you stand steadily and comfortably.

Multiple Speed Modes

KuKirin M5 Pro has 3 speed modes to meet your different needs, including 29/42/52km/h. The low-speed mode allows you to enjoy the roadside scenery over the ride. The medium mode enables you to enjoy the fun of riding. Shift to the high-speed mode, and you will have a faster and more exciting cross-country ride.



Brand: KuKirin

Model: M5 Pro

Color: Black

Basic Specification

Net Weight: 36.2 kg

Unfolded Size: 1300x640x1270 mm

Folded Size: 1280x640x505 mm

Length of Handlebar: 600 mm

Ride Height: 145 mm

Size of Footboard: 540x255 mm

Recommended Rider Heights: 150-200cm (4’11”-6’7”)

Max Load: 120 kg

Uphill: 15°

Max Speed: 52 km/h

Max Range: 70 km

Speed Levels: 29/42/52 km/h (Level 1-3)

Waterproof Level: IP54

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Braking System: Front & Rear Disc Brakes + Auto Power-off Design

Brake Disc: 140mm (Outside Diameter)


Rated Power & Voltage: 1000W, 48V

Max Instantaneous Power: 1200W

Max RPM: 1040

Max Output Torque: 30 Nm


Four-Arm Shock Absorption


Capacity: 20Ah

Voltage: 48V

Charging Time: 8-9h

Power Capacity: 960Wh

Protection System: Yes


Input: 100-240V, 3A

Output: 54.6, 2A


Size: 11" (Front), 10" (Rear)

Type: Pneumatic Rubber Tires

Tire Pressure: 50PSI (Rear)


Type: LCD

Size: 75x135 mm

Content: Speed, Voltage, Distance, Speed Level, Battery Level, Light, etc.


Size: 1315x290x520 mm

Gross Weight: 42.2 kg

Package List

1 x E-Scooter

1 x User Manual

1 x Charger

1 x Tool Kit

Note: the max range is achieved under the following conditions: 65kg load, 26 Celsius temperature, constant speed (level 2), on flat roads with no strong wind.

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